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A Little About Me:
A cerebral young brunette.  I’m often told that I’m quiet and soft-spoken, but especially gentle and kind.  An interesting and undemanding girl who is sensitive to your needs. I try to continually stimulate myself—intellectually and otherwise.  I pride myself on knowing at least a little bit about everything.

Despite how many in this industry may come across, I strive to be unpretentious.  I'm secure with myself and don't feel the need to prove my intellect.  When I open up to someone, my personality can tend towards being irreverent & wry.  I'd like to think I'm funny, but you'll have to decide for yourself. 

My only desire is for you to keep coming back.  I strive during our time together to figure out what would leave you already excited to see me again!

Let’s relate. 

Recent Interests:
Audiobooks (particularly True Crime)
Podcasts (particularly political ones)
Stand-up Comedy
Music (for example: The Smiths, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Jonathan Richman.)

In the warmer months I take tennis lessons & in the colder months I study Japanese.  I have a small dog I adore.

As you can see, I love classic and feminine clothing.  I'll always be simply but well dressed in designer clothing.  People have described my style as French, 60's, artistic, chic, and sophisticated.   I have a very soft, all-natural voluptuous body, and I dress in a way that accentuates my natural body type. An easy comparison might be Christina Hendricks.

In Private:
I'm far from shy.
I enjoy role play, showing off toys, dirty talk, posing in sexy, designer lingerie...(tell me if you want me to wear garters and thigh highs).  I really welcome the chance to be creative!  Despite being gentle and seemingly shy, I’m actually very carnal.  I take pride in my ability to never leave you wanting.  I appreciate tasteful discussion over email before we meet to discuss things you’d like to explore with me (e.g. role play scenarios).  Lately I'm developing an interest in sensual domination.  I really enjoy discovering what you enjoy, even if you're a hard nut to crack!

Above All:
I consider myself to be an idiosyncratic provider who may not suit all tastes.  But if what you see intrigues you, please get in touch. 

Bridgette Fontaine


Vital Statistics:

Age: 24  /  Height: 5'3"  /  Curves: 34E-28-38 (Au Naturale)  /  Size: 8/Medium  /  Tattoos/Piercings: None


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"She had left me thirsty and all my life would be thirst and longing for what I had lost before I found it."
― Jean Rhys


For a Mutually Enjoyable Experience

Please never send me vulgar/explicit emails that mention money or illegal activities (even if in coded language).  Use your noodle here.

I put a lot of effort into providing you the best experience that I can.  My rates are not up for negotiation and trying will end our correspondence. 

Please place it in an envelope somewhere easily visible at the start of our date, without calling attention to the moment.

Please offer at least a day's notice of cancellations or rescheduling.  If you cancel our date (especially at the last minute) the polite thing to do is to Venmo me.

I love to kiss, so please be freshly showered with minty breath and preferably no cologne/scents. I have a shower stocked with clean towels, mouthwash, and other amenities at my incall, if needed.

I discourage reviews, which I find to be in poor taste.  You may like to see some more personal and discreet kind words.

I do not drink alcohol so while I appreciate the sentiment, I request that you not bring me any.  I don't mind if you drink, though!  If you really have a burning desire to suprise me with a gift, I love fresh flowers or raspberries.  Or, if you really want to indulge me see my wishlist.


Rendezvous with Bridgette

I prioritize longer dates with public time so we can get to know each other, laugh, and let tension build...  As you can see, longer dates have flexible lengths so we can feel free to let things unfold naturally.  Perfect for the man who wants an authentic encounter.

1 $500
1.5 $700
2 $800
~3 - 4 (Lunch/Dinner Date)* $1500
~6 - 8 (Dinner & A Show)* $2000
~12 (Overnight)* $3000

Or, for the man seeking a ménage à trois...

*Dates that are three hours or longer must include room service or public time.  Some suggestions for public dates: Bosie Tea Parlor & Wildair.  Dates six hours or longer must include a meal and an activity like seeing a movie or visiting a spa.

**For couples, I kindly request x1.5 standard rates.

If we have met before, I am very open to longer dates and have a passport ready to travel with you!  Plus let's discuss semi-exclusive arrangements.

Outside of NYC:  I visit D.C. and S.F. every season or so.  Please email me if you'd like to be notified when I'm visiting next.  Otherwise, I rarely tour.  I'm happy to do a fly-me-to-you date, though.  Please contact me to arrange.

"If you like Bridgette's pics and writing, you will love her. She's intelligent, funny, fun, and passionate in person -- just like she comes across online. She has a range of intellectual interests (film, literature, photography) and is very pleasant company. She has a relaxed and friendly vibe, especially after she gets to know you a bit. Bridgette has a wonderful body -- a woman's body -- with curves. It's divine to look at... She's bright, passionate, giving, and authentic."


Contact and Scheduling

I live a very busy life, so it’s best to book at least a few days ahead of time.  Same day appointments are rarely possible, but feel free to ask. 

Incall dates are held in a private upscale residence in downtown Brooklyn.  It is very easily accessible by subway or taxi.  Please note that I have a small, friendly, and calm dog so please be mindful if you have allergies. (I can make alternate arrangements for a nominal fee.)  I travel to Manhattan & other select areas upon request for outcalls.  There may be a small fee for travel far outside of the city.

As an independent provider it's necessary for the both of us that I screen everyone whom I may meet: If I am always safe, you will always be safe.  With that being said, please know that your privacy is my number one priority and any information you share with me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

Initial Contact
I offer two ways for you to reach me:

Via Secure Client Application ~ Open Form
My preference is for you to fill out my secure application form.

If you do not have the two references I require, I am happy to confidentially screen you via employment information.  Please email me for details.

Via Email ~ (bridgette [@]
I generally respond quickly.  Please send me all of the information that the screening form requests in your email.

Recent Entries...

Grocery ListCategory: General   May 8th 2017  08:40PM   0

  • White Vinegar
  • Socks (black, six pairs, no show)
  • Dog Food (duck flavored, small bites)
  • Paper Towels
  • Razors (3)
  • Silk Flowers
  • Gym Shoes (for underpronaters)
  • Dog Dental Treats
  • B12 Supplements (2)
  • Dog-themed Refridgerator Magnets

Vintage-ish PoliticsCategory: General   Apr 2nd 2017  08:41PM   0

I'm really obsessed with watch the video of Bill Clinton playing the saxophone on Arsenio Hall.  It was very shocking at the time (1992) because there had never been such a meeting of politics and mass media entertainment TV.

Here's one rosy-colored, nolstalgic comment about that event that I found interesting:

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Ménage à Trois


  • Brooke is preternaturally sensual and intuitive
  • We have been real life lover for years & (non-monogamous) soulmates
  • A duo that has to be experience to be believed
  • Hugely creative together with roleplay, fantasy, toys...
  • We both know each other incredibly well and are extremely open and passionate which will certainly be extended to you.
  • We know what we love, we do what we love, we're excited to show you...
  • Of course, Brooke is hugely intelligent but still an unpretentious sex kitten! 
  • Glowing reviews

Total rates to see us together in NYC*:

1 Hour $1500
1.5 Hours $1900
2 Hours $2500
3 Hours (Dinner Date) $3500


Please Inquire!

*Rates only apply in NYC. Combine our two normal hour rates if we are required to travel to you.

New photos for this album are pending. Please check back soon.


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